Release Notes

Version 1.0 (2021-06-25)

  • #54: Prepare release 1.0
  • #50: Add template to get an XML/JSON response via rest endpoint
  • #52: Set Docker TEAM Engine version to 5.4.1

Version 0.6 (2020-12-16)

  • #39: Configure the CDB Structure conformance class to be the minimal required for certification
  • #40: Configure Docker Maven Plugin
  • #42: Test suite breaks REST interface of TEAM Engine
  • #41: Update dependency schema-utils to version 1.8

Version 0.5 (2020-11-16)

  • Fix parsing of coarse-level LODs in filenames
  • Relax validation of Model Texture Component Selectors
  • Improve error messages for XML syntax/schema violations
  • Allow optional Metadata files to be omitted and still pass the test suite
  • Include test suite version in TestNG output
  • Allow testing an archived CDB specified by a remote URL
    • (Closes #7)
  • Add test annotations for referencing the specification sections
  • Improve installation instructions
  • Embed CDB reference data into the deployed archive for usage with TEAM Engine or JAR execution
  • Fix bug where local file paths would fail the test suite
  • Allow loading of remote schema for Geomatics Attributes and Vendor Attributes Metadata files
  • Allow presence of ExtMetadata directory without raising an error
  • Add support for validation GSModel archives
    • (Closes #6)
  • Update tests to produce proper “skip” messages for untested cases
  • Clean up Java dependencies
  • Bump xercesImpl from 2.11.0 to 2.12.0
  • Temporarily removed GSModel tests
    • (to be re-enabled for a later test suite release)

Version 0.4 (2019-05-01)

  • Fix javadoc error under JDK 12
  • Update Maven plugins to support JDK 12
  • Move documentation to site documentation instead of root of repository
  • Add documentation on self testing and JDK support
  • Fix typo on 400 dataset
  • Update sample CDB used to test TestNG methods
  • Allow for other files in datasets aside from primary dataset
  • Fix false error on LOD directories in 502 dataset
  • Fix false errors on filenames with variable number of underscores
  • Replace sample CDB Metadata with OGC CDB 1.0 metadata (replaces CDB 3.2 metadata)
  • Use embedded Datasets.xml file instead of metadata from CDB under test
  • Reorganize XML utility classes
  • Fix false errors on Version.xml metadata
  • Update test fixtures with new OGC CDB 1.0 metadata
  • Remove unused HTTP client code (part of default ETS)
  • Extract validation methods for structure tests into re-usable classes
  • Move all filename regular expressions to single class
  • Partially support OGC CDB 1.1 for version tests
  • Support extended datasets (9xx)
  • Add reference XML for Component Selectors
  • Add tests to validate Component Selectors against datasets

Version 0.3 (2019-01-09)

Version 0.2 (2018-03-19)

  • Create conformance level 2 tests for structure tests
  • Include a sample CDB for JUnit tests
  • Add tests for valid directory names
  • Support different conformance level testing
  • Add tests for valid file names
  • Remove snapshot target builds from repository
  • Add instructions for building from source

Version 0.1 (2016-11-18)

The initial release implements the following test requirements:

  • Create and implement Metadata tests