SFS 1.2.1 Conformance Test Suite


The test suite verifies conformance to OpenGIS Simple Features Specification For SQL, Revision 1.2.1 (OGC 06-104r4), which provides provides the rules to support storage, retrieval, query and update of feature collections via the SQL Call-Level Interface (SQL/CLI). Three conformance classes are described in the testing guidance document (see OGC 98-046r2) and in Annex A Table A1 of OGC 06-104r4.

  • SQL Implementation of Feature Tables, Normalized Geometry Schema - SFS (NG) - (gT, b, 2D, N, tN)
  • SQL Implementation of Feature Tables, Binary Geometry Schema - SFS (BG) - (gB, b, 2D, N, tN)
  • SQL with Geometry Types and Functions Implementation of Feature Tables - SFS (TF) - (gS, b, 2D, N, tN)

Section A.4.1 of 06-104r4 provides more details about the conformance classes choices (gt,b,2d,N,tn, etc.). The test for these 3 conformance classes are the same as for SFS 1.1 OGC 99-049.

Test suite software is available (ZIP archive) for each of the above alternatives as a set of SQL scripts and as C source code. Implementers may select either form of test suite for adaptation and testing.

Release Notes

Release notes are available from the relnotes.html.