Release Notes OGC SOS 1.0.0 Test Suite


  • #7 Update CTL with better information about conformance classes

r14 (2015-03-04)

  • When test operations via POST, user should select an URL (from GetCapabilities response).

r13 (2015-02-13)

  • 6 - clean readme file and structure of folders
  • Remove updated URL of reference implementation

r12 (2014-03-06)

r11 (2013-12-03)

  • Issue 908:Fixed sosFunctions:describeSensor schemaFile parameter value = “‘xsd/ogc/sensorML/1.0.1/sensorML.xsd’” (Got value from capabilities before).

r10 (2013-11-22)

  • Issue 894: Fixed sos:general-SOS.General-InvalidRequest.1 error.

r9 (2013-10-23)

  • Issue 894:
    • function [sosFunctions:operationVersion] changed to get first POST element value.
    • function [sosFunctions:operationPostURL] changed to get first version value.
    • function [sosFunctions:operationVersion] modify scripts to get version according to priority below:
      1. Version <ows:Parameter> in each <ows:Operation>. (Xpath = $capabilitiesDocument//ows:Operation[@name=$operation]/ows:Parameter[@name=‘version’]//ows:AllowedValues/ows:Value[1])
      2. Version <ows:Parameter> in <ows:OperationsMetadata>. (Xpath = $capabilitiesDocument//sos:Capabilities/ows:OperationsMetadata/ows:Parameter[@name=‘version’]/ows:AllowedValues/ows:Value[1])
      3. <ows:ServiceTypeVersion> in <ows:ServiceIdentification>. (Xpath = $capabilitiesDocument//sos:Capabilities/ows:ServiceIdentification/ows:ServiceTypeVersion[1])

r8 (2013-10-23)

  • Issue 877,878
    • Add acceptVersion parameter in all GetCapabilities request via KVP.
    • Refer to: OWS 1.1.0 06-121r3 7.3.2 Version negotiation
    • Version negotiation is performed using the optional AcceptVersions parameter in the GetCapabilities operation request.
    • Although optional, client software should always include this parameter, to simplify version negotiation.

r7 (2013-05-13)

  • Fixed sosFunctions:describeSensorFirstProcedure sos:ObservationOffering change to sos:ObservationOffering[1] to avoid getting 2 procedures.


  • Updated config file for TEAM-Engine v4.
  • Fixed invalid function arguments (wrong datatype)
  • Removed nested package elements in SOS_ETS.xml

r5 (2012-07-20)

r4 (2012-07-20)

  • Update test suite for new xlink policy

r3 (2012-04-05)

  • modified type=“resource”
  • added sensorML schema
  • modified sosFunctions:schemaPathFromMimeType
  • modified kvp
  • updated information about OWS and SOS
  • fixed exceptionReportSchemaPath function error
  • modified namepsace sosFunctions (4572)

r2 (2012-01-23)

  • User can now choose to execute a single-test or complete-tests.
  • Use a MissingParameterValue as a valid exception code instead of InvalidRequest. InvalidRequest is not listed in SOS or in OWS Common v 1.1 or 2.0 as a valid exception code. “InvalidRequest” is listed in SWES 2.0, but SOS 1.0 uses SWE 1.0.1 (xmlns:swe=
  • In GetCapabilities the observedProperty can now be any URI (URN and URL) now. Before, the value of the observedProperty parameter was a URN. But In SOS 1.0.0 06-009r6 p29 it said that the observedProperty in GetObservation can be a URI.
  • Added further check when testing DescribeSensor operation. The script check if there is response and that the response is a correct SensorML and TML response.
  • Changed error tag “xsl:message” to “ctl:message” in test “getObservation:core-SOS.GetObservation-ResponseMatchingSRSData.1”.
  • Call new function “sosFunctions:capabilitiesOfferingName” now allows to test all observed properties, not only the first one.
  • The value for Procedure is now extracted from the value of the identifier and not the value of the definition (which is optional)
  • Improved handling of MIME types, The test now allows use the use of subtypes and additional parameters. For example text/xml; subtype=“myOrg/0.6.1”
  • The sosFunctions:mimeSubtype now returns MIME type with a valid om subytpe (text/xml; subtype=“om/1.0.1”) if there is no specified subtype information.

r0 (2009-07-23)

  • first release